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Tips for Washing Your Car at an Apartment Community

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Just because your apartment community doesn’t offer a designated car care station doesn’t mean you deprive your car of a regular wash. Before some prankster uses the dirt accumulated on your windshield to relay a message or two, you better come up with a car wash schedule. Here are some valuable tips to wash your car at a luxury apartment community:

Ask for Water Access

If you’ve recently gotten one or more apartments for rent, ask the apartment manager for water access. Perhaps there might be a water spigot somewhere on the property that you can use. If there is one and you’re authorized to use it for a car wash, all you need is a hose to start washing your car. But while washing your car, don’t let soap enter storm drains because it goes against EPA regulations for certain cities.

Moreover, you may even ask your property manager to install a car wash station in the luxury apartment community. With enough support from other residents, there’s no reason why the management won’t add this amenity.

Waterless is the Way to Go

If you can commit to a frequent car wash so that it doesn’t get too dirty, using a waterless car product is an incredible solution. Waterless car wash products are available in ready-to-use or concentrated forms, the latter of which will need to be diluted. They work as spray-on products. All you need to do is apply it on the body of your car and wipe it off using a soft towel.

Leverage a No-Rinse Product

You may also use a no-rinse product such as Optimum No Rinse, which is a 3-in-1 product that functions as a rinseless wash, a lubricant, and a detailer. Simply mix the specified amount to one to two gallons of water and then apply with a microfiber or wash mitt.

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Now that you know how to wash your car in a luxury apartment community, get started today! Besides this, if you’re looking for New York apartments, contact Milbrook Properties. We’ve got some amazing luxury apartments in the region for you!


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