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1 Audubon Ave.
(Mixed Use)

1 Audubon Ave.

New York, NY 10032


This multi-family and retail building features 55 apartments, four retail stores, and six stories in Washington Heights. Built in 1910, the property is situated off the corner of Audubon Avenue and 165th Street. Additionally, it's located a few blocks from Columbia School of Nursing and Broadway. Retail tenants in the building include a dentist, pharmacy, barber shop, and juice bar.

Key Facts


6 Stories

55 Apartments

Built 1910


Walk Up

4 Commercial Stores

2,832 Commercial Sqft GLA

Provision of notice by housing providers of tenants’ rights to reasonable modifications and accommodations for persons with disabilities.

Leasing Agents

Alex Hirsch - Commercial
Nilsa Forestier - Residential
(516) 869-1240 ext. 217

Commercial Tenants

Suite 1-4 - Dentist
Suite 5 - Pharmacy
Suite 6 - Juice Bar
Suite 7 - Barber Shop
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