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Benefits of EV Charging Stations at Retail Centers

EV Charging Stations - Milbrook Properties - FL PA MD NY NJ DE

Did you know that demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is predicted to more than double over the next decade? If you don't, you must keep ahead of the curve as a commercial real estate property manager to provide the best amenities for your clients.

Milbrook Properties will advise you about the different benefits you will obtain if you install EV charging stations at your retail location to assist you in doing this.

Installing EV Stations Will Increase the Value of Your Real Estate

Every piece of real estate has a market value, which is determined by a variety of criteria. If you want to increase your market worth, introducing value-added amenities like EV charging stations is ideal.

Modern amenities draw more traffic than anything else. As a result, they improve commercial possibilities. When this happens, the value of your property grows, which benefits you and all other stakeholders.

EV Stations Come with Little to No Property Management Costs

If you own or manage a commercial property, you understand the significance of property management. People nowadays avoid poorly managed properties quicker than the speed of light. Thus your property will only generate positive revenue if it is precisely handled.

However, managing a property might be costly and out of your budget. As a result, another advantage of installing EV charging stations is that they provide a value-added convenience function that requires little to no property management fee.

Your Shopping Center Will Attract New Customers Thanks To EV Stations

More than 70% of EV buyers are Generation X and Millennials. They have a four-year college degree and earn more than $100,000 on average. This implies that EV Charging Stations on your property will appeal more to them.

These folks prefer to shop and perform errands while their automobile is charging. They would also change their purchase patterns dependent on where an EV Charging Station is located. As a result, the moral of the tale is that having an EV Charging Point will attract the ideal customers to your shopping center who have disposable income and aren't scared to spend it.

EV Charging Stations In DE, MD, PA, NY, NJ and FL

Within the Milbrook Properties portfolio, they have retail centers throughout the East Coast in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Many of their shopping centers will get brand new EV charging stations in the coming months.

For more information on their properties and the commercial availabilities, contact the leasing team at Milbrook today!


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