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Ways Technology Can Reduce Damage from Disasters In Your Home

How Technology Prevents Property Damage - Milbrook Properties Ltd.

Over the last few years, technology has evolved to make our lives remarkably easier in various ways. Today, our phones are capable of doing things that home computers couldn’t do a few years ago. You have a smartphone app to do anything you want. While most people are aware of smart tech innovations to drive entertainment, other devices are designed to protect your property from internal disasters that can otherwise wreak havoc in your home.

Here are some ways technology can reduce damage from disasters in your homes or apartments.

Flood Prevention through Smart Leak Detectors

Plumbing leaks are among the most common causes of moisture damage in homes and one of the biggest property maintenance issues to address. What makes things worse is that you often fail to detect them in their early stages. It’s only after the situation translates into flooding that you finally get to know about the problem.

One of the best 21st century solutions to this problem is to install a smart water leak detector between various plumbing fixtures and pipes of your home such as bathtubs, toilets, sinks, etc. Program the device to notify you on your smartphone or sound an alarm should the device senses a leak. This way, you can address the problem before it exacerbates into a more serious issue.

In addition, you may also utilize smart water shut-off valves that will automatically shut off to prevent flooding.

Smart Stovetop Devices to Prevent Fire Emergencies

Cooking is the most common cause of property fires. Fire outbreaks often occur when you leave food unattended on the stove. Smart stovetop prevent fire disasters by automatically turning off the stove when it senses that you aren’t there. They rely on motion-sensing technology to sense your presence. Depending on how you program them, they’ll typically start a countdown and if you don’t return before it reaches zero, they’ll turn off the stove.

Smoke Detectors to Alert You of Potential Fire

Since smoke detectors have been around for a while now, they don’t require an introduction. When they were first released, they only relied on an alarm system. Thanks to further advancements, you can now integrate them to your smart home technology or your home security system. As soon as it detects smoke, it will notify you right on your smartphone so you can act quickly. It also means that you can integrate them with security cameras, allowing you to view the fire footage as it broke out.

Apartments In New York and Florida

Fire and moisture damage are among the most common and disastrous situations homeowners face. Using the aforementioned devices can help ensure extraordinary protection for your residential real estate. Whether you’re looking for multi-family or other types of homes or apartments, reach out to Milbrook Properties Limited today.


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