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What Are the Best Sites to List Your Commercial Vacancies

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Finding the right platform to list your commercial property vacancies is crucial in attracting the best tenants. With the digital world offering many listing sites, discerning which ones can give your commercial spaces the visibility they deserve can become overwhelming.

To ease this burden and optimize your property's exposure, we've compiled a list of the most competent and efficient online listing platforms to consider.

Understanding the Marketplace

The landscape for commercial property listings is diverse, featuring sites catering to various business needs and preferences. Whether prospective tenants seek office space, retail locations, or specialized commercial areas, the right platform can connect you to the ideal demographic.

Before we jump into the specifics, it’s important to consider the qualities that make a listing site effective:

  • User-friendly interface for both listing and searching for properties

  • High traffic volume to ensure your listing gets seen by a substantial audience

  • Targeted outreach to connect with the most relevant potential tenants

  • Additional amenities such as analytics, customer support, and lease management tools

Leading Sites for Commercial Listings

When evaluating where to list your commercial vacancies, it’s less about quantity and more about quality. Here are some top-tier sites to consider:


LoopNet stands out as a heavyweight in the commercial real estate space, offering listings that cover a wide gamut of commercial property types. It draws a significant number of viewers each month, boasting a vast pool of potential lessees.


Commercial Real Estate Exchange Inc. (CREXi) has revolutionized the commercial property realm with technology that lists and provides comprehensive lease management solutions, data analytics, and a dynamic marketplace.

CCIM Net Lease Central

A platform evolved from the prestigious Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute, it provides a specialized listing service that focuses on investment-grade, net-leased properties.


Widely recognized as a leading commercial real estate information provider, CoStar offers a robust platform for brokers to effectively list and manage their property vacancies.

Commercial Vacancies NY, PA, NJ, FL, DE, MD

The digital market is teeming with places to list your commercial space; however, Milbrook Properties brings something unique to the table – personalized attention, expert knowledge of local markets, and a commitment to ensuring that your property reaches its full potential. When you choose to list with us, you're not just posting a vacancy but strategically moving toward fulfilling your commercial property's promise.

Discover more about our services and how we can elevate your commercial listings to capture the attention of premium tenants. It's time to transform how you market your properties – partner with Milbrook Properties today.


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