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How to Best Utilize the Windows of Your Retail Store

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The window displays found in shopping centers and strip malls have a very similar role to billboards. Yet, it isn’t uncommon for retailers and tenants to underestimate the value of their window displays and fail to get the most out of them. In fact, it doesn’t take much to decorate your retail windows and create visual appeal.

Here are a few tips you can follow to create affordable window displays that can be used to maximize foot traffic in retail centers.

Learn About Your Target Audience

Before you start hiring a designer for your window display, take some time to think about your target audience. What kind of shopper are you hoping to attract? Try to understand what they want and what’s important to them. This would help you create window displays that align with the expectations of your ideal customer.

Utilize Consistent Branding

Although it is important to be creative with your window displays, you should try to stay consistent with your brand. This will ensure that your window display provides an accurate representation of your business.

Why is this important? If your window displays aren’t consistent with your brand, customers may feel that you've misled them, which could create feelings of animosity and distrust.

Place Key Items at the Customer’s Eye Level

Besides consistent branding and learning about your target audience, you also need to think about the main focus of your store. You may need something flashy or trendy to keep their eyes engaged when they first see your windows. It could be something as simple as an outfit, an accessory, or a structure, but it should serve as a hook for customers and bring them into your store.

It helps if the items are large enough to catch people’s attention. Make sure to avoid designs that contain too many items because it could drive customers away.

Think of the State of Mind of Your Customer

If your shopping center is located in an area that offers prime commercial real estate opportunities, then it is likely going to attract many customers who are in a hurry. This environment may be fast-paced, with customers walking on foot and barely having enough time to glance at your store.

The message in your display windows should be clear to customers, whether they’re on foot or in their car.

Retail Stores In NY, DE, FL, PA, NJ, MD

Finding the ideal design for the windows of your retail store is a work in progress. Make sure to re-evaluate the design, and don’t be afraid to make changes every now and then. Contact the team at Milbrook Properties today to learn more about our retail properties.

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