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How to Find Commercial Space for Rent

Commercial Space For Rent - Milbrook Properties - FL NY NJ

Whether you own a shopping center or any other business and are looking to expand, chances are you’re looking for additional commercial space. Acquiring a commercial lease in today’s highly complicated commercial real estate industry can thus be one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. Here are some valuable tips to find the right commercial space to rent:

Run an Online Search

Before anything else, you’ll just want to explore the market, see what’s available, and obtain an idea about the rental prices. For this, you can get started with a simple online search. Craigslist, Crexi, and LoopNet are some great platforms to find commercial properties that allow you to search by property type, amenities, square footage available, and other specifications.

Consult Other Business Owners

Entrepreneurs in a certain neighborhood are often aware of properties available in the area or that will be available in the near future. Networking with them and occasionally stopping by to know what’s available is a quick way to find a commercial unit of your choice. Plus, many businessmen have been tenants of various landlords in the regions, so they can give you valuable feedback about their relationships with specific landlords, thereby making your decision easier.

Hire a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

While the aforementioned tips can be of great help, the best way to find rental commercial space of your choice is to hire a commercial real estate brokerage. The top brokerages aren’t just dedicated to selling and leasing office spaces, retail spaces, and other commercial properties, but they’ll also serve as your expert advisor during the leasing process. Moreover, they can help you strike the best possible deal by negotiating on rental rates, rent abatement periods, build out allowances, and more on your behalf.

FL, NJ, and NY Real Estate Available For Lease

If you’re looking for retail space available, it’s okay to begin your search online and seek assistance from other business owners in your area. However, when it comes to finding the best commercial space that matches your exact business needs, hiring a commercial real estate broker proves most useful. If your desired location is New York, New Jersey, or Florida, reach out to Milbrook Properties for some amazing vacancies for you!


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