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How Will Smart Offices Look in The Future?

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If you wish to expand your corporate client base, you’ll need to adapt your business to modern ways and impress your visitors with a professional-looking office. To stay ahead of competition, it’s important to obtain an understanding about how offices will look like in the future. It may also help if you own a commercial real estate business.

This guide will provide you with an idea about how smart technology will drive this:

Smart Environmental Control and Sensors

In an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy consumption, forward-thinking firms are expected to transform their settings into “green” offices by investing in smart thermostats and intelligent climate control systems that will automatically control and monitor energy consuming appliances such as air conditioners, elevators, lighting, and so on.

For example, upon scanning, if the system finds that no one is in the room, it will automatically switch off lights and air conditioner. Similarly, offices might have smart climate sensors to monitor air quality in the environment, monitoring carbon dioxide and PM2.5 levels.

Workplace Apps

Staff members in organizations normally use employee cards that they would swipe to get access and enter their workplaces. The problem is that these often get misplaced. Now that everyone has a smartphone, workplace apps are an incredible solution that employees can download and use to get access to office buildings and specific rooms.

In fact, it can be a multi-purpose app that can be also be used to book meeting rooms, apply for leaves, connect with co-workers, and/or set up video conferences for remote workers.

Smart Furniture

Yes, furniture may also become “smart” in the future of the corporate world. Companies that genuinely care for their employees will have smart standing desks that can be adjusted in height and maintain a record for users’ preferences. Besides, smart office chairs will take things to the next level, recording users’ standing and sitting times and provide suggestions based on the data. All in all, smart furniture will be yet another contribution to the modern flex space.

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By now, you should have obtained a clear idea about how smart offices will look in the future. Think about what’s possible for your business and whether the technologies discussed above can put you ahead of competition.

On the other hand, if you’re a commercial real estate owner engaged in leasing office spaces or industrial real estate, you may want to invest in the aforementioned technology to attract high-profile corporate tenants. Once your property is ready to be marketed, contact Milbrook Properties.


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