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How to Adjust Office Culture after the Pandemic

Post-pandemic workplace - Milbrook Properties Ltd.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations around the world to adopt new ways of working. Business owners are reimagining the role of offices in establishing productive, enjoyable, and above all, safe jobs and lives for employees. Once this coronavirus disaster comes to an end and your employees are back in the office, the last thing you’d want is to disrupt operations. To avoid any downtime, follow these tips to adjust office culture post pandemic:

Celebrate their Return

Think of the best ways to welcome your employees back to the office and show some appreciation. One great strategy is to send a welcome gift or an e-card with points. This is a great way to show employees how grateful you are to have everyone back. It won’t just set a positive tone, but also make their return exciting and memorable.

Offer Incentives for Getting Vaccinated

Although vaccination is a personal choice, providing incentives is an effective way to encourage employees to get vaccinated. This is critical to setting up a safe work culture for everyone. What you can do is award points to employees as part of the recognition programs. Also, consider giving paid time off to employees to get vaccinated.

Reimagine the Workplace

A typical office comprises a combination of private offices and cubicles with pantries, shared amenities, meeting rooms, etc. For the post-pandemic world, workplaces may need to be entirely re-thought.

Keeping workers safe is no longer just about requiring them to wear masks, installing social distancing signage, and getting the space sanitized from time to time. Consult healthcare experts to guide your company on how a post-pandemic office should be designed. You may choose to install touchless fixtures such as door sensors, voice-activated elevator banks, and automatic sinks and soap dispensers.

If you’re getting a new office building constructed, choose highly durable building materials that can withstand frequent deep-cleaning. For indoor spaces, look for ways to ensure better ventilation. Try to maximize natural lighting and provide employees access to outdoor areas like private gardens where they can spread out. An outdoor cafeteria is also a great option that serves healthy food.

These steps will make your employees feel safer upon returning to work as well as make them feel valued.

Office Spaces In New York & New Jersey

Now that you have a fair idea about how to adjust office culture post-pandemic, it’s time to start making preparations. If your employees have been working from home for months or even a year or so, getting them back means a lifestyle change. Hence, try to make the transition an exciting one for them and safer than ever.

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