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Retailers That Have Boomed During COVID

Retail center

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly proved a huge setback for the retail industry, but you can’t yet conclude that retail is dead. Some retailers succumbed to the challenges, but others like pharmacies and groceries benefitted from changing buyer behaviors, and there are still others considered to be ‘non-essentials’ that didn’t just survive the crisis but also boomed during the difficult times. This guide will list down retailers that thrived during the pandemic.

Grocery Stores

Restaurants may have been closed during the ‘stay-at-home orders, but people haven’t stopped visiting grocery stores to stock supplies, including eatables. Small and large grocery stores have experienced a dramatic increase in demand. The highest selling items include hand sanitizers, frozen food, and toilet paper. Since small groceries supported larger ones in restocking highly demanded products, every player seemed to be better off.