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How to Refresh Your Aging Retail Center to Attract More People

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The modern retail landscape has become overcrowded with players, making it a huge challenge for retail centers to stand out from the rest. From powerful branding to eye-catching signage and extraordinary customer service, different strategies are being leveraged at shopping centers to attract clients and shoppers.

If you’re looking for effective ways to boost your retail center’s foot traffic, you need to think out-of-the-box. Let’s take a look at how you can refresh your aging center to attract more shoppers:

Consider Redesigning The Center’s Façade

A façade is not just meant to make a strong first impression on tenants and customers. It represents your center’s identity and helps develop a strong connection with your target audience.

If you have a powerful brand, there’s no reason for your business to have low foot traffic. If people aren't coming to the shopping center, you should focus on the strip mall’s appearance. Redesigning the façade and repainting the center will help it stand out when people are driving by.

Turn Retail Space into an Entertainment Hub

To attract the modern shopper, you need to give more reasons and incentives to spend time at your retail center. Consumers need experiences, which can be anything from cafeterias to fun areas for kids and movie theaters. Indoor skate parks, trampoline venues, and laser tag are some clear examples that are already being offered by large retail centers today.

Dedicating some space for entertainment and holding events can thus go a long way to turn customer apathy into excitement. When considering this strategy, try to incorporate variety into the types of venues. In the end, more shoppers will visit your retail center, spend more time in it, and even recommend it in their social circles.

Invest in striking Signage Options

When it comes to driving mall traffic, nothing beats the power of signage. Well-designed signs give your brand a voice, improve your retail center’s aesthetics, and grab people’s attention. Depending on your business needs, you also have a wide range of signage options to choose from.

Some of the examples of indoor solutions include digital signs, wall graphics, floor graphics, banners, flags. For outdoor signage, one of the most influential solutions is Pylon Signs.

Retail Centers In New York, New Jersey, Florida

To sum it up, there are various ways to optimize your shopping center to attract more shoppers. Following the above-explained tips should give your store foot traffic a sharp boost.

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