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Commercial Rental Trends: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial retail trends

The COVID-19 crisis has thrown the real-estate world into disarray, transforming how professionals and companies operate, occupy, and finance real estate. Commercial real estate personnel have been navigating through new challenges, such as the shift toward the work-from-home model, finding buyers during an economic recession, handling virtual showings, etc., and trying to make sense of the current situation. However, since the pandemic hasn’t subsided yet, they can’t be sure of what lies ahead.

The current climate is expected to influence real estate trends in the upcoming months and years. If you’re part of the real estate industry, you should be prepared for them ahead of time. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most significant commercial retail trends for 2021:

1. Offering Smart Amenities

As mobility restrictions are imposed on and off by the state, regional, and local governments, smart amenities are no longer being