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Common Residential Leasing Questions Asked By Renters

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Have you conducted countless searches online, explored tons of apartment complexes, and narrowed down your options to a few top contenders?

Are all your major concerns, such as the rent, the lease term, and amenities, addressed?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you need to move on to the next step—that is, asking some less obvious yet important questions before leasing an apartment.

As a prospective renter, it’s important to get answers to all your confusions and queries before signing a lease contract. This guide will discuss some common residential leasing questions you must ask your property manager and/or before renting an apartment.

1. How Much Will the Move-In Costs Be When I Finally Move to a New Apartment?

You may have inquired about the first month’s rent, but the amount you will need to spend when moving in will depend on how your particular apartment community handles the process. Therefore, you must ask this question from your property manager, especially if you’re renting an apartment for the first time. Additional costs may include the application fees, the security deposit, and so on. Obtaining an answer to this question should help you plan your budget and get an idea about the overall costs.

2. Can I Make Any Changes or Renovations to My Apartment?

Once you move into your new apartment, you would want to personalize it. To add more style, you may want to repaint the walls or install your favorite wall art. Before pursuing any such plans, you must go through your property owner first. Typically, there are restrictions on the changes you can make to your new apartment, so you must get an answer to this question beforehand.

3. Is Your New Apartment Pet-Friendly?

It's common for first-time renters to ask this crucial question. Certain apartment communities do not allow pets. When you do ask about pet-friendliness, clarify what type of pets are allowed. In the case of dogs, not all breeds might be allowed, so clarify that before signing the lease agreement. Also, check with the property owner to see if you have to pay a one-time pet-fee, a pet deposit, or monthly pet rent.

4. Is My Rent Expected to Rise in the Future?

If you plan to stay in the apartment for a long time, you must also ask about the potential changes to the lease terms, especially the rent you’re going to pay. If you don’t want your rent to increase regularly, be sure to clarify this with your property owner.

5. How is the Parking Situation?

Keep in mind that if your new apartment is in the center of downtown, parking might be a big challenge. If you own a car and don't want to circle around your apartment looking for parking every day, be sure to ask whether you have a parking garage available.

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These were some common residential leasing questions that renters ask before signing a lease. If you think you’re ready to relocate and find a new apartment, contact Milbrook Properties Ltd. today.


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