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Technology You Can Use to Help Manage Your Properties

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Digitization and technology have made their way into every business sector, and commercial real estate is no exemption. If you’re looking to attract tenants for your strip mall, retail center, shopping center, or any other commercial establishment, adopt one or more of the following tech solutions:

Smart Home Technology

The concept of smart home technology is highly popular among young tenants. This particular segment likes to stay in control of things like home security, remote lighting, in-home communications, and air conditioning and heating. A smart move in order to offer them great value for money and make them feel at home is to add some of the relevant features. These aren’t just for residential properties but are already being used by commercial clients.

For 2021 and beyond, Google Nest home automation system is extremely important. It’s a line of smart home products such as thermostats, smart displays, smart speakers, streaming devices, routers, smoke detectors, and home security devices like smart locks, cameras, and doorbells. These smart home enhancements are a great way to attract modern renters.

Online Tenant Portals

The emergence of tenant portals has redefined convenience not only for renters but also for landlords. Property maintenance is now easier than ever. As a property manager or owner, you can efficiently accept and address queries and service requests, accept rent payments, exchange documents, and more, while ensuring the security of all data.

Renters should not only feel more in control of their rental experience, but they won’t have excuses for irresponsible behavior like late rent payments.

Property Management Apps

Poor property management is among the top reasons why tenants choose to relocate, which is why you can’t ignore this function. Extend your management and tenant service capabilities by providing a powerful, cloud-based property management app. This can work as a mobile version of your tenant portal that takes convenience to the next level. It is where you can list your vacancies, take maintenance requests, conduct virtual showings, accept digital payments, improve safety and security, and more.

Web Marketing Platforms

No matter how amazing your rental properties are, if potential tenants don’t know that you exist, the units will remain idle or vacant. This is why marketing your properties at the right places is important. To reach out to the modern customer, you need to establish a strong online presence as well as make the most out of digital marketing.

Having your own website will not just simplify communications with renters and listing of vacancies but also help build your brand identity. You won’t just be able to reach a massive audience, but also be able to establish your brand personality in the minds of potential tenants.

Virtual Showings

While virtual showings is not a new concept, take it to the next level by investing in drones that enable you to show the interior and exterior of the properties to potential clients in real time.

Property Managers In FL, NJ, and NY

Whether you’re a landlord or a property manager looking to simplify property management, investing in the latest tech solutions can make your life remarkably easy. If done right, adopting the aforementioned technologies can help you achieve skyrocketing business growth. If you need help with property maintenance, contact Milbrook Properties today at (516) 869-1240 for more information.

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