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How to Make Move-Ins Easier for New Residents

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New residents feel great when they move to a new house. But as amazing as it may be, it comes hand-in-hand with the stress of packing, moving in, and settling in an entirely new place, which can get daunting for many.

To help make move-ins easier for new residents, there are few simple things you can do:

Give Them a Hot Sheet with Every Nearby Facility

When moving into a new neighborhood, it can seem exhausting to get acquainted with all the new locations around the block, which is why getting your newly moved-in residents a hot sheet can be highly efficient and a great gesture. Not only will the hot sheet help them easily get access to all the close-by places, but it will also relieve them from a lot of already built-up stress.

Set a Specific Time for Lease Signing

Real estate is tough, and we are all well aware of that, which is why it can be extremely helpful if the lease-signing time for a particular tenant is different from the time they pick up their keys. It will give the people moving into the new apartment or home more time to review the place, go over legal documents and communicate without any underlying stress of picking up the keys.

Equip your Resident’s New Apartment with Move-in Supplies

When moving into a new apartment, it can be quite overwhelming having to do everything, especially if it’s a multi-home complex and everybody else’s life seems more put together. To balance that out, simply provide a few basic things every household needs and put them in the new house. This may include a loaf of bread, some hand soap, and some chilled water bottles.

Stop by on Move-in Day to See How Things are Going

Once you’ve given the new residents their keys, your major responsibility as a realtor is completed, and all you now need to do is visit your new clients on moving day. This can be checking up on them, if possible, with some water and garbage bags to make the whole process less tedious.

Offer to Show Them How to Use the Appliances in the Apartment

Sometimes when you’re moving, you’re unaware of how huge residential real estate works, which is why new residents will greatly appreciate it if you help them with things like the stove settings, the thermostat, and even the lighting in their new home.

Apartments In Florida and New York

Even though these things may seem like pretty small gestures, for a resident who has just moved in, these could mean the world as they try and navigate through a new neighborhood. This is why you should do all these things for new residents to make move-ins less hectic for them. Contact Milbrook Properties today to find out about our apartments available in New York and Florida.


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