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Which Energy-Efficient Upgrades Actually Pay Off?

Apartment Energy-Efficient Upgrades

When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of a property, even the most experienced property owners can lag behind. They won’t know which upgrades can help them achieve maximum savings in utility bills and at the same time add the most value to their apartment. As a result, they’ll resort to quick fixes such as installing weather stripping around doors or applying sealants around windows that may reduce energy costs but won’t add value to the property. Other, more permanent solutions may be expensive but they add significant value to your apartment. Here are some of the best energy-efficient upgrades to consider:

Enhancing the Lighting

Did you know that lighting costs account for up to 33% of an apartment’s overall electricity bill? Switching to energy-saving lighting options such as CFL or LED bulbs can help reduce this proportion. Another great option for reducing your apartment’s reliance on electricity is natural light, which can be maximized by upgrading to large windows or skylights. This is an ideal solution for cooler climates, allowing you to add free natural warmth and increased passive solar gain.