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Why Does Your Apartment Community Need Access Control?

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As a multi-family building owner, your top priorities for your apartment community should be to ensure resident satisfaction and robust security. To address the demand, high-tech companies have come up with a wide range of tech solutions. Among them, access control systems are getting increasingly popular in the residential real estate market. The type of access control you adopt strongly impacts your building security, resident experience, and security.

In this guide, you’ll learn why your apartment community needs access control:

Convenient Access to the Property for Residents

Gone are the days when residents had to solely rely on keys to enter their homes. Thanks to access control systems, people can now unlock their apartment doors right from their smartphones. When you install access control in your multi-family apartment building, residents will download the relevant mobile app on their smartphones and simply tap, swipe, or use voice command to open the door.

Enhanced Security

According to a CNBC report, 63% of the surveyed renters said they won’t prefer an apartment with poor security. Access control systems typically rely on a network of intercom setups, gated security, smart access locks, and control panels to ensure top-of-the-line security. With a cloud-based access-control solution, you don’t require expensive on-site networking equipment. The facility manager simply needs an internet-connected device to monitor the system from anywhere.

For vulnerable areas of the property such as package rooms, elevators, or garages, the system allows you to run access reports and monitor visitor logs. The operator may even opt to receive custom alerts on their smartphone every time the entrance doors are opened. Once you’ve synced existing users and residents, you can assign access permissions and even set up access schedules for them.

Guest/Vendor Access

Assigning access permissions to apartment residents doesn’t mean other people can’t enter the property at all. Access control systems come with an access window for service vendors who keep coming from time to time. Property managers can remotely grant them access whenever required. Similarly, when residents are expecting guests, property managers can provide them with temporary access credentials to allow them to enter and leave with limited access to amenity spaces and common areas.

Self-Guided Tours

Until a year ago, few of us were aware of the concept of self-guided tours. What started as safety protocol to contain the spread of COVID-19 has now become an invaluable tool for prospective residents and property managers. Interestingly, access control systems have taken the self-guided tour experience to the next level. It allows property managers to enable prospective residents to visit and explore the property at their convenience without requiring the leasing agent to be present.

Visitors should be able to access select homes, amenities, and elevators using Bluetooth. Property managers can also limit their access to specific areas of the apartment community.

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By now, you should have developed a fair idea about why your apartment community needs access control. If you’re a property owner or manager, consider adopting the security solution. If you’re a resident, recommend the system to your apartment community.

If you want to explore highly secure apartments with an access control system, get in touch with Milbrook Properties. We have some enticing real estate options for you.


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