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4 Benefits of Having Electric Car Chargers at Shopping Centers

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Did you know that approximately 90% of electric vehicle (EV) owners (9 in 10 people) make a purchase while charging their car at a retail center? With over 12 million electric cars on the road, now is the right time to install electric car stations at your commercial property. Electric vehicles are the future and are increasing in number every day. Keep reading to learn the 4 advantages of having electric car chargers in the parking lots of your shopping centers.

1. Increases Traffic

EV owners prefer going to shopping centers with electric car chargers in the parking lots compared to typical retail stores. Once the charging station has drawn the owner inside, they will plug in their car and wait for 30 to 40 minutes until their vehicle charges. Most EV owners prefer passing this time by shopping around. This will increase your sales and add to your commercial real estate’s overall revenue.

2. Enjoy Incentives

Unlike traditional cars, electric vehicles use electricity to operate, making them an environmental-friendly form of transport. Promoting the use of EVs by offering electric car chargers will help you in earning tax credits (up to $5000) and rebates (up to $4000) on federal and state levels.

3. Attract High-Income Customers

Whether you have been managing a shopping center for a long time or are investing in commercial real estate for the first time, attracting highly successful customers is the best way to make a profit. According to studies, most electric car owners belong to rich families. This makes having electric car chargers in your establishment a must to draw in opulent, youthful customers.

4. Advertising Opportunity

Many charging stations have advertising screens that retail center owners can use to promote their products and services, make announcements, and advertise discounts while the owner waits for their car to charge. This will also enhance the customer experience, making your mall the number-one choice for all EV owners.

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