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Cost-Effective Strategies to Lease Your Retail Space

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If you want to maximize your return on your commercial real estate, you’ll need to know how to make the leasing process seamless and cost-effective. Whether you own a strip mall, retail center, or shopping center, follow these smart strategies to approach your commercial lease, so that you keep attracting reliable tenants:

Include a Property Listing Page on Your Website

Today’s highly digitized lifestyles, combined with the global pandemic fears mean that every time a potential tenant needs commercial space, they’ll begin their search online. Every time they find a leasing company’s website, they’ll want to check out the vacancies then and there. Thus, having a property listing page on your website can’t be stressed enough. It should include detailed information, images, contact information, location maps, etc. about all the vacancies.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Physical Signage

Just because many people look for commercial leasing options online doesn’t mean you stop investing in traditional marketing altogether. Physical signage continues to make a powerful impact on drivers and pedestrians. To grab the attention of the passerby, simply place a property leasing sign in front of your property. Make sure that the design of your signage is stunning and eye-catching.

Get Listed on Commercial Real Estate Listing Sites

Since third-party real estate sites offer an incredible degree of choice, many prospective or growing retailers turn to them to find a space that matches their needs. Therefore, you should find prominent commercial real estate sites and list your commercial properties on the platforms to maximize your tenant reach.

Hire a Real Estate Broker

Finally, you can also hire a real estate broker or a property leasing firm that takes care of everything from marketing your commercial properties and finding tenants to collecting rent and addressing service requests.

Provide a Virtual Tour of Your Vacancies

This strategy will make your tenant base skyrocket. The modern tenants are more savvy than ever and thus prefer leasing options that they can virtually explore from the comfort of their homes. This emphasizes the concept of providing virtual tours of your vacant units to interested parties online. Hence, the trend of virtual property tours is no longer just a nice-to-have feature. If you want to attract the modern tenants, you’ll have to make it a norm for your business.

Commercial Real Estate In FL NY and NJ

Now that you know how to effectively lease your retail spaces, it’s time to spring into action. Implement the aforementioned strategies to generate business from your commercial units. To learn more or hire a property leasing firm, reach out to Milbrook Properties today.


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