How To Prepare Your Commercial Vacancy For Showings

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When showing your commercial vacancy, you want to portray it in the best possible light so that prospects are able to imagine themselves using the space. Whether you own a strip mall, a retail center, or a shopping center, if you want your commercial space to sell out quickly, you’ll need to take steps to make it stand out from the competition. Follow these tips to prepare your retail vacancy for showings:

Enhance the Curb Appeal

No matter how spacious and stunning the interior of your commercial property is, if the exterior of the building or establishment disappoints the viewers, it won’t matter. Therefore, it’s equally important to invest in improving the curb appeal of your commercial building if it’s not new construction. This may involve giving a fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls, making minor repairs to the doors, windows, common areas, and landscaping.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Before you can attract potential tenants for the showings process, you’ll need to capture their attention when listed on portals. High-quality images are an ideal way to do this. Instead of relying on your smartphone camera, find a professional photographer to capture the exterior and interior of your commercial property. This should ensure that your property gets a more than 10-second look.

List Your Properties on the Right Portals