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DIY Desk Ideas for Your Apartment

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If you spend a lot of time studying, strategizing, attending online meetings, emailing, or getting creative within your luxury apartment community, you certainly need a surface to work on, such as a desk. This also explains why a desk is perhaps the most important element in a home office that can help you achieve work-from-home success. If you’re on a budget, you can save a lot by building your own desk. Here are some incredible DIY ideas for apartment desks:

Built-in Storage Desk

When exploring ready-made desks on the market, achieving the kind of storage and look you want often looks next to impossible. But when you build your own desk, the possibilities are endless. The built-in storage desk from Paper & Stitch offers custom storage for books and extra compartments for other items, so that everything has a designated place.

Combine Your Dining Table and Office Table

Instead of buying or building a separate office desk, why not let your dining table serve double duty? If you have a long modular table that can serve as a surface for both working and eating, make the most out of it. Once you’ve combined your dining and office table, spread out the chairs for utmost convenience.

Glass Top Desk DIY

This design has to do with placing a sheet of plexiglass or glass on a couple of slender wooden sawhorses. To add more functionality to the DIY desk, you may add a storage cabinet underneath. All in all, it makes a perfect high-end solution for luxury apartments.

Crate Desk

This desk is made up of a bunch of wooden crates that don’t need legs for support and offers storage. Since it’s composed of wood, you can paint it in the color of your choice. If you wish to create a calming ambiance for your home office, leave it as it is, which should produce a natural, bright finish.

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This was our take on the DIY ideas for an apartment desk. We truly hope that the aforementioned options help you accomplish the look and functionality you have in mind.

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