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Apartment Community Common Areas with Style

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Want to make your apartment community stand out among all rental communities in the state? One of the greatest advantages of living in an apartment community is that you get a chance to socialize with your neighbors. However, making small talk or interacting with someone isn’t that easy. This is where property managers come in.

As a property manager, you have the power to initiate and foster connections within a multi-family residential complex by establishing shared spaces and organizing events that facilitate social interactions. To cultivate a sense of community among tenants in an apartment building, it’s crucial to designate an area specifically designed for socializing and actively encouraging residents to venture beyond their abodes. Here are five ideas to build a fun and loving apartment community.

1. Community Space

Adding a community center where tenants can host small events and play games is one of the easiest ways to make rental communities resident-friendly. As neighbors get comfortable with one another, they exhibit a mutual sense of care and vigilance and work together to build a safe multi-family residential complex.

Idea: Try building a pet-friendly park with a well-crafted landscape. The more attractive the community center, the more likely people are to leave their gadgets and step out of their homes to breathe fresh air and interact with others.

2. Swimming Pool

Give your residents a chance to beat the heat with indoor and outdoor pools. Here are some pros and cons of adding a swimming pool to real estate projects:

  • Increases property value.

  • Attracts tenants who want a luxurious lifestyle.

  • Maintenance is inexpensive.

  • Tenants might willingly pay more for the amenity.

  • High upfront cost.

  • It can add $500 - $800 to electricity bills.

  • Costly repairs.

Tip: Build a secured swimming pool with attached facilities such as changing cabanas, restrooms, showering stations, and outdoor kitchens.

3. Yard Games

When living in apartments for rent, one thing that all tenants miss is having a backyard. Give the residents a chance to bond by arranging workout sessions and yard games such as cornhole, bocce, Frisbee, golf, lawn darts, volleyball, or badminton.

4. Special Events

Schedule meetings with tenants and ask them what kind of events they like. Make an event-organizing team and plan events like potluck dinners, contests, parties, movie nights, and scavenger hunts. Encourage neighbors to start interest-related clubs like a book club, photography club, knitting club, etc.

5. Display Lobby

Do your tenants have special skills or talents that they would like to showcase? Create a display section in the lobby for the residents to display their treasures, crafts, and artwork. You can also organize speaker sessions to talk on trending topics.

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