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How COVID Has Impacted Apartment Community Amenities and Events

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The effects of COVID-19 have stretched well beyond the healthcare industry. Changes in lifestyles around the globe mean every sector has taken the hit, including the real estate industry. From how tenants communicate with landlords or property managers to how they pay their rent, the pandemic has impacted every function of residential real estate. As a result, property managers have been forced to rethink the amenities they provide to their apartment communities.

This guide will provide you with an overview of how COVID-19 has impacted apartment community amenities and events.

Digital Submission and Approval of Registrations

On-site teams in apartment communities are rapidly pushing the registration of new vehicles, visitors, and pets to digital ways. This allows residents to submit new registrations conveniently from a mobile app. It also helps strengthen security because tenants can remotely stay on top of who comes and goes to and from their property.

Digital Management of Amenities

The use of amenities has also been greatly affected by COVID-19, with strict enforcement of social distancing rules. Many property management firms or landlords have developed their mobile apps for efficient amenities management. Any changes or updates to the safety requirements, reservation limitations, timings, closures, etc. can be communicated via a mobile app. To comply with the safety regulations on the fly, managers can set limits on the reservation numbers too.

Contactless Package Management

In the post-COVID world, courier companies and other firms around the world have been forced to adapt their delivery jobs to social distancing policies. Yet, many apartment community managers choose not to take any chances. They have invested in package management solutions based on package lockers and mobile apps that allow staff to acquire and accept packages using a touchless and safe mobile scan. When a package arrives, a package delivery notification is sent to residents on their smartphones and they can retrieve the package at their convenience.

Outdoor Group Fitness Events

COVID-19 also led to cancellations of many summer events, many of which were shifted to a virtual version. For many residents, on-site gyms used to be a critical amenity. As an alternative, certain property management companies hosted outside group fitness events, requiring each participant to come with face masks and enforcing appropriate social distancing between participants.

Apartments Available In Florida and New York

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the everyday activities of apartment communities. From delivering property maintenance and managing amenities to registering new vehicles or pets, every function has gone digital to align them to social distancing and other COVID-related restrictions.

After going through this guide, you should have understood what to expect from the real estate industry in the post-pandemic era. For quality multi-family apartments or amenity-rich apartment communities, get in touch with Milbrook Properties Limited today!


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